Zucchi Releases 2 New Extra Virgin Olive Oils

ORLANDO, Fla. — It’s game on in the battle to capture U.S. market share in the crowded—and often confusing—extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) space. Oleificio Zucchi, Italy’s leading manufacturer of award-winning EVOO, is planting its flag in North America with the July 2018 rollout of two new EVOOs and claiming its place as the first and only certified sustainable and traceable Italian EVOO brand in the world. The company’s extra virgin olive oils are also available in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The two new selections have been specifically blended to appeal to the preferences and palates of the U.S. consumer. All were born from a vision to create transparency and sustainability in the supply chain and ensure social responsibility at all levels. They are:

  • Sustainably Certified 100% Italiano (a blend of oils from Italy)
  • Sustainably Certified Heritage (a blend of oils from Italy, Greece and Spain)

The U.S. product line is completed by Organic EVOO, made only from organically farmed olives (a blend sourced from Italy, Greece and Spain).

The 200-year-old family business of seed and olive oil suppliers is blazing a trail to change how U.S. consumers view and evaluate the quality of EVOO. “We believe they will be surprised to learn what good EVOO really tastes like,” said CEO Alessia Zucchi. “Our extra virgin olive oils offer the best quality products for the price, a consistently delicious taste specifically blended for North American palates, and a socially responsible, environmentally friendly and traceable product that consumers can feel good about.” The EVOOs crafted for the North American market are specially blended for U.S. tastes

What makes Zucchi distinctive among other EVOOs in the marketplace is its approach to blending and sustainability:

  • The Art of Blending – The Zucchi family has elevated the blending of EVOOs to an art form carried out by accomplished “Blendmasters” who merge talent with technical knowledge to develop oils that are layered with character and nuanced flavor. “It’s the ability to imagine and expertly combine olives from different cultivars and different origins to create one special oil with a specific personality,” explained Vice President and Blendmaster, Giovanni Zucchi, who represents the family’s sixth generation of leadership alongside his sister CEO Alessia Zucchi. “The result is always a unique harmony of fragrances and flavors that is greater than the sum of its parts.”
  • What’s in your bottle? – Zucchi is Italy’s first and only certified, sustainable EVOO. Its certification by CSQA (csqa.it), an Italian leader in food certifications and inspections, covers more than 150 requirements across the entire farm-to-table supply chain, including social, economic, environmental and qualitative/nutritional standards, as well as traceability proof for the consumer. Unlike other Italian-made EVOOs, consumers can trust the authenticity of Zucchi’s EVOO products with the company’s industry leading field-to-shelf tracing technology that uses a QR code to identify the country and region of origin and the cultivars that compose the blend for every bottle it produces.

Zucchi’s EVOOs are currently available in the U.S. at Fairway Markets in New York City, Shaw’s and Star Markets in Eastern New England, independent grocers in the Northeast, as well as H-E-B supermarkets in Texas.

About Zucchi

Oleificio Zucchi is Italy’s leading manufacturer of award-winning extra virgin olive oils. For more than 200 years, the Zucchi family business has earned the trust and loyalty of customers around the world for its commitment to creating and providing the highest quality oils. Zucchi is the first and only certified sustainable and traceable extra virgin olive oil brand in the world. Zucchi extra virgin olive oil products are certified by CSQA, Italy’s highly recognized and trusted leader in food certifications and inspections. Unlike other Italian-made extra virgin olive oils, Zucchi’s oil can be traced from farm to table — from cultivar, to province, to region and to country. Zucchi’s products are sourced from Italy, Greece and Spain, where the best tasting and cultivated olives are grown. Customers can rely on Zucchi to know “what’s in their bottle.” Selecting Zucchi extra virgin olive oils offers distinct advantages for professional chefs and consumers alike: the best quality product for the price; a consistently delicious taste specifically blended for North American palates; and a socially responsible, environmentally friendly, traceable product they can feel good about consuming and serving. For more information, visit www.zucchi.com/us. Stay connected with Zucchi on Facebook (Zucchi 1810), Instagram and Twitter (@Zucchi_evoo).