Teasäne Launches Tea and Herbal Line

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Teasäne is proud to announce today its launch of a new health and wellness brand consisting of a full line of products including Teas, Herbal Extracts, Facial Tea Beauty Cream, Supplements and 28-Day Wellness Kits. Tapping into the self-health revolution, all of Teasäne’s products have been formulated by a team of international herbalists, and contain a proprietary blend of premium, natural herbal ingredients like rosemary, chamomile, dandelion, fennel, and others, to provide the body with a powerful blend of vitamins and minerals.

Developed in response to consumer demand for healthy, natural products that are also functional, Teasäne aims to enhance consumers overall lifestyles by incorporating the benefits of nature into everyday routines through its unique tea products. In addition to being natural, Teasäne’s products also contain no additives, sweeteners, artificial colors, or flavorings.

“Witnessing the continuous growth of the tea category, matched with consumer demand for unique wellness remedies made with natural ingredients, I had a vision to merge the two to create a line of products that enable consumers to live a healthier life through tea,” said Founder, Herman Friedman. “Teasäne delivers a series of natural products, ranging from teas, beauty creams, extracts, and more, to cater to just about everyone’s health needs, while tapping into a new category of self-health + tea.”

As part of this launch, the full line of Teasäne products includes:

  • Wellness Teas (Energize, Skin Repair, Lose, Mood Booster, Immunity, Detox, Sleep, Maintain, etc.) – A line of natural and innovative teas aimed to power consumer’s everyday routines.
  • 28-Day Kits (Beauty, Calm, Lose, Focus) – A unique line of kits comprised of loose herbal teas,  and the addition of herbal vitamin supplements to help enhance the power of the herbs.
  • Facial Tea Beauty Cream – A natural cream made with super herbs including calendula, primrose oil, rosemary and chamomile to unlock the skin’s natural beauty.
  • Herbal Extracts (Lose Drops, Calm Drops, Detox Drops, Digestion Drops) – Concentrated liquid herbs that pack the power of nature into tiny drops.
  • Supplements (Seaweed Complex, Spirulina Complex) – Natural formulas created to boost the health benefits of Teasäne’s tea blends.

Teasäne is now available exclusively online for purchase at: and will be rolling out into select retail locations nationwide. For more info on the brand and its products, please visit:

About Teasane

Launched in January of 2018, founder Herman Friedman saw an opportunity to merge the growing tea category with the health and wellness industry to develop a premium brand that enables consumers to live a healthier life through tea.

Inspired by the wellness revolution, Teasäne’s goal is to educate consumers on “self-health,” while incorporating natural ingredients in the form of teas, herbal extracts, beauty products, supplements, and 28-day regimens into everyday routines to enhance consumers overall well-being and lifestyle. Through Teasäne’s Online Questionnaire, consumers are also able to participate in a brief quiz to discover which products are recommended based on their personal preferences and everyday needs.

All of Teasäne’s products are made from real, natural herbal ingredients – like rosemary, chamomile, dandelion, fennel, nettle, flax, alfalfa, and more – with no additives, sweeteners, artificial colors, flavorings, etc. Only the purest ingredients are found in Teasäne’s products, keeping in line with our vision of creating a new health and wellness category of self-health + tea.

To learn more about the brand and its products, please visit:

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