Meska Sweets Adds ‘The Café’ to Gluten-Free Moroccan Macaron Line

ENGLEWOOD, N.J. — Meska Sweets is excited to announce the introduction of its latest Moroccan Macaron ‘The Café’ line made of a base of “Coffee & Walnuts”. Meska Sweets’ Gluten-Free Moroccan Macaron line includes ‘The Classic’ (Orange Blossom & Almonds), ‘The Matcha’ (Matcha Green Tea and Walnuts), ‘The Chocolate’ (Chocolate & Almonds), and now ‘The Cafe’. These Gluten-Free treats are all handmade in Englewood, NJ, in small batches using all natural ingredients and have no preservatives.

Meska Sweets’ Moroccan Macarons are made with nutritious ingredients such as California Almonds/Walnuts and flavored with all Natural Orange Blossom Water. These delicious treats are slightly crispy on the outside but crumble in the mouth to a soft and chewy bite of flavors… In addition to its Gluten-Free Moroccan Macarons, the company offers Gluten-Free Almond Crescents, its signature Almond and Raisin Biscotti and has a packaged line of sweet and savory treats for the specialty retail market.

As has been documented in more than one occasion at the Fancy Food Show, ‘Moroccan cuisine’, its spices and tastes are increasingly becoming popular. As the only purveyor of Gluten-Free Moroccan treats in the U.S., Meska Sweets seeks to bring authentic flavors of Morocco one treat at a time. It blends authentic Moroccan flavors based on centuries old traditions with innovative and trendy flavors (i.e. Matcha Green Tea) to suit the American taste buds – all Made in USA.

Meska Sweets serves clients across both the specialty foodservice space as well as the retail market. The company works with hotels to help them offer trendy treats to their guests along with corporates (gifting/events), event companies, major catering companies, cafes, restaurants, retail … as well as the public at large.

Meska Sweets is finalizing its Kosher Certification and will start offering Pareve products in the next few weeks.

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