Marich Chocolates Unveils New Flavors, Packaging and Marich Unlimited Program

HOLLISTER, Calif. — Marich Confectionery Company, a second generation Central Coast California based candy maker, is geared up and ready to charge into 2018 with a series of exciting announcements including: Innovative new flavors, enhanced packaging and merchandisers, a new trial size, Kosher and Vegan Chocolate line and free freight for all Marich brand and bulk customers with no price increase for 2018!

Marich is redefining the panned category. Beginning on the first production day February 15, 1984 Marich elevated the panned product experience and continues to do so today with creative combinations, premium ingredients, and artful execution. In short, it is Marich’s continuing dedication to their craft. What better way to define that than: Pancrafted Chocolates a category-defining term that Marich believes embodies their life’s work.

Further supporting their position in Pancrafted chocolates, Marich is debuting Marich Unlimited! Marich Unlimited!  is a full service program offering free freight to all Marich customers; beginning  January 1, 2018 all LTL and FTL truck and FedEx and UPS ground orders will be shipped within the continental United States at no cost to customers. In addition to reducing their customer’s landed cost, they are also upping their value by honoring 2017 pricing throughout 2018.

“Price protection, free freight and a host of new products and improvements demonstrate our commitment to our customers,” said Brad van Dam, CEO of Marich. “By contributing to their success through improved services, cost reduction and growth through innovation and new products we are able to maintain our position as the leading Pancrafted chocolate partner.”

In addition, Marich is proud to continue their partnership with Fair Trade USA and the commitment to Fair Trade Cocoa across their entire bulk chocolate and packaged lines. Ensuring that in addition to the quality of products, every purchase helps their growers and their families to receive higher returns for their hard work. In fact, every purchase of Marich Pancrafted Chocolates can help farmers work in safer conditions and earn more money to invest in their communities and improving the lives of their families while also supporting sustainable growing practices.

The Marich Innovation Team has been highly active developing new products and flavor profiles like Barrel Aged Bourbon Caramels and Dark Chocolate Balsamic Strawberries. Parve and Vegan lines have also been added to their bulk assortments. All are being created in Marich’s Marinus van Dam Innovation Center, a dedicated innovation center in the heart of their Hollister facility. In the Innovation Center Marich is pioneering techniques, ingredients and concepts with more to introduce in the coming months.

“We grew up making chocolate. Our Dad, Marinus van Dam, taught us that creating things people love requires dedication and artistry.  Side by side in our kitchen, we handcrafted chocolates for the simple purpose of bringing a smile to friends and family,” said Troy van Dam, COO of Marich. “Over the past 34 years, we have taken our personal love of premium chocolates and built a successful enterprise that has brought smiles to millions of faces.”

Marich Pancrafted Chocolates. Whether you’re in the mood for creamy or chewy, nutty or fruity, we’ve got your chocolate covered.

About Marich Pancrafted Chocolates

Marich Pancrafted Chocolates are a line of delicious snackable, shareable and giftable chocolates. Using only amazingly good ingredients we craft each bite of Marich Pancrafted Chocolates to reveal an incredibly craveable taste experience. For the chocolate lover in the mood for creamy or chewy, nutty or fruity,  We’ve got your chocolate covered. Fair Trade Cocoa. Real Good Feel Good Ingredients. Crafted in California. Marich Pancrafted Chocolates are Fair Trade Certified and packaged in .50oz. trial size bags, single serve bags (1.76oz. to 2.3oz.), 4.75 oz. standing re-sealable bags and giftable gables. Visit for more information.

About Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade USA is a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable livelihoods for farmers and workers; protects fragile ecosystems; and builds strong, transparent supply chains through independent, third-party certification. Its trusted Fair Trade Certified label signifies that rigorous standards have been met in the production, trade and promotion of Fair Trade products from over 80 countries across the globe.

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