The Tea Room Chocolate & Tea Company Launches Two Additions to Chocolate Bar Fusions Line

(San Leandro, CA August 2016) The Tea Room Chocolate & Tea Company announces the first additions to their award-winning line of organic Chocolate Bar Fusions for the first time in 3 years. Due to popular demand and consistent requests for an extension to the line that consists of organic chocolate bars infused with organic teas, coffees, spices and other carefully cultivated flavor components from around the world, The Tea Room went back to the workshop to find flavors from the earth that would fuse seamlessly into their organic chocolate blends.

Tea Room Choc_2 NEW BARS_2016_IMAGEThe results: A new twist on an old treat, Crème Brulée Milk Chocolate Bar, and an homage paid to flavors found in the place The Tea Room has called home for the past 9 years: California, Orange, Almond, Vanilla Dark Chocolate Bar.

The Two New Chocolate Bar Fusions:

  • Crème Brulée – Milk chocolate bar (42% Cacao) infused with vanilla black tea and bits of toffee: Crunchy caramel & creamy milk chocolate meet undercurrents of vanilla in The Tea Room’s take on the famed French dessert: known for its creamy vanilla custard flavors, burnt sugar crust and delightfully contrasting textural components
  • Orange Almond Vanilla – Dark chocolate bar (60% Cacao) infused with vanilla black tea, cold pressed orange oil and California crushed almonds: Four distinctly different flavors shake hands in this fruity chocolate infusion of cold pressed orange, California-roasted almonds and vanilla black tea—Western flavors that find a home in this uniquely satisfying Chocolate Fusion which speaks to the invigorating essence of California personality: Zesty, Nutty, Full of Flavor Fusions and, of course, Unique!

As with their other Chocolate Bar Fusion flavors, The Tea Room’s new Crème Brulée and Orange Almond Vanilla bars are a reflection of culture, an offering of flavor, and the ultimate result of the past travels & culinary influences of its creator, Heinz Rimann:

  • Culture: tea & chocolate are both deeply embedded within human culture for health, enjoyment and stimulation.
  • Flavor: both sprouting naturally from our earth’s soil, tea leaves and cocoa beans each offer distinctly different, yet abundantly rich & varied aura’s of taste depending on where it’s grown, how it’s processed and then ultimately enjoyed.

About Heinz Rimann: applies his childhood influences from a small Swiss village, his mother’s home cooking, and decades of traveling the world to each chocolate creation The Tea Room offers. Heinz and The Tea Room believe that there’s a world of flavor out there and it’s their mission to bring you this world in the form of delectable, sense-stimulating creations of unparalleled quality and enjoyment. For an entire list of The Tea Room’s organic chocolate, tea & other offerings visit them at


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