Beanfields Snacks Now Makes Four Distinctive Flavors with Four Ingredients or Less

LOS ANGELES, CA AUGUST 31, 2016 — Snack fans who love simple ingredients, but aren’t willing to give up taste, are falling for Beanfields Black Bean, White bean, Sea Salt, and Simply Unsalted chips. All four flavors are made with four simple ingredients or less.

Four ingredient press releae image-2All four flavors are made with Beanfields special blend of beans, whole grain brown rice, safflower or sunflower oil and, in three of the four flavors, a pinch of salt (95 milligrams per ounce).

“Each type of bean has its own unique flavor,” said Liza Braude-Glidden, Beanfields’ co-founder and executive vice president of culture and sustainability. “That’s why we’re able to make four distinct, compellingly delicious flavors from such a simple ingredient list. Our classic Sea Salt chip has been a best seller for years. It features a blend of black and white beans. Beanfields Black Bean chips offer the dark color and crunchy texture of black beans. Our white bean chip looks a lot like a corn chip, so it’s easy to slip a little extra nutrition into the family diet. However, many of our fans like the nutty flavor and crispy texture even better than a corn chip, and they love the added fiber and protein in all of these simple chips!”

Foodies and Chefs love these simple chips as the basis for their favorite recipes like taco salads, casseroles and hors d’oeuvres. Click here for a video on some of the ways people enjoy Beanfields.

Below are more detailed descriptions of each of Beanfields’ four ingredient or less flavors:

  • Beanfields Black Bean Chips with Sea Salt make a dramatic contrast in any meal or snack. This savory chip features an appealing blue corn chip-type look, but with much more fiber and protein, and a lot less fat. This four-ingredient chip is made from black beans, brown rice, safflower or sunflower oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.
  • Beanfields White Bean Chips with Sea Salt dazzle with a golden color that rivals any corn tortilla chip. Their light, crisp flavor is perfect for snacking, yet they’re thick enough to dip with confidence. With only four simple ingredients—nutritious navy beans, brown rice, safflower or sunflower oil and sea salt—these chips satisfy your crunch craving.
  • Beanfields Sea Salt Bean and Rice Chips with a pinch of sea salt, this classic chip comes to life with a simple and satisfying taste. Beanfields Sea Salt Bean and Rice Chips use a blend of black and white beans with brown rice, safflower or sunflower oil and salt. The delicious combination provides a better-for-you snack and a mouthwatering crunch that is perfect on its own or dipped in your favorite salsa, guacamole or hummus.
  • Beanfields Simply Unsalted Bean and Rice Chips speak to the purist in all of us. This three-ingredient chip—made from a blend of black and white beans, brown rice and safflower or sunflower oil—stands on its own without salt or seasoning. Perfect for use in recipes, or plunge a few into your favorite dip. These unsalted beauties are the tastiest chip on the market for people who want to avoid salt. They’re a great choice for chefs creating their own dishes and those who are following a low sodium diet.

About Beanfields: Beanfields Snacks, makers of Beanfields Bean and Rice Tortilla Chips, is a family-owned Public Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corporation. Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips indulge your taste buds in every delicious crunch with ten tempting flavors: Sea Salt, Nacho, Pico de Gallo, Jalapeño Nacho, Black Bean and Sea Salt, White Bean and Sea Salt, Barbecue, Ranch, Salt n’ Pepper, and Simply Unsalted. Beanfields Chips are always Vegan, certified gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified, kosher, and allergy-friendly. Beanfields bean and rice chips are sold in all 50 states and in Canada, Australia, the U.K., and other countries. Full-sized bags of Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips suggested retail price is $2.99-$3.99. Snack-sized bags are $1.19-$1.49. Shop online for Beanfields at,, and

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