Ruby Jewel

Ruby Jewel
Company: Ruby Jewel, LLC

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There’s always a good reason to eat a Ruby Jewel. That is, if you consider things like pure joy, exhilaration, and indulging in the richest, creamiest, made-from-scratch frozen treats to be ‘good reasons.’ We’re wholeheartedly committed to using the cleanest, most decadent ingredients. Premium cookies. Hormone-free milk and cream. And natural flavors from vanilla beans, mint leaves, and lavender flowers, all locally sourced and crafted in our Portland, Oregon factory. There’s just something about eating with your hands that engages all the senses. Smelling, seeing, touching, tasting, and experiencing the bliss of real ice cream and cookies. While this isn’t the ice cream sandwich of your youth, one bite has the ability to transport you to another time — one where you were free to do whatever you wanted, whenever you felt like doing it. Ready to give into your cravings? Great. Because we think that’s a sign of strength. And we’re big fans of people who know what they want. If you’re someone who longs for the sweet life, there’s good news. We’ve found the key to happiness. And its right smack in the middle of the freezer aisle.

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