Expo West 2019: Pacifica Launches Beauty From Within Products

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Much has changed for beauty brand Pacifica since launching in 1996 — in addition to its current consumer graduating from cribs to cosmetics.

Over time, the brand has grown from a niche player to a prestige brand sold in Sephora to a mass market darling available at the likes of Ulta and Target. But along the way, some things have remained constant — namely founder and CEO Brook Harvey-Taylor’s understanding of her core consumer and innate ability to remain culturally relevant despite a category that thrives on what’s “new.”

Now backed by private equity group ACG, Pacifica is taking a leading role in the emerging sub-category of “edible beauty.” Earlier this year, the brand launched a line of beauty powders with whimsical names like “Slay All Day” that help shoppers achieve beauty from the inside out.

The beauty powders, which are exclusively sold at Target, stick to the brand’s vegan roots (meaning you won’t see them using collagen anytime soon), while also maintaining Pacifica’s distinct brand identity and accessible price point. The company’s combination of edible beauty and topical product offerings is also an advantage.

At Natural Products Expo West 2019, NOSH editor Carol Ortenberg sat down with Harvey-Taylor to learn why she felt this was the next frontier for the brand and how the company plans to unite the cosmetics and edible beauty lines.