Adam Dash: Intellectual Property and Contracts

In FBU’s final series of interviews with attorney Adam Dash, we focus on intellectual property law and contracts between companies and their employees and third party contractors. These two segments will help entrepreneurs better understand how to protect their brands and also shed some light on the importance of having a contract between themselves and the people they work with.

One interesting point in the interviews was Dash’s talk about intellectual property and filing for a registered trademark. Dash noted that even if you are the first to register a name with the government, it doesn’t necessarily make it yours.

“Just because you were the first running into the state or federal government and having your particular form stamped,” Dash explained, “somebody could successfully attack you still if they have been using it in interstate commerce longer than you.”

Dash continued with a discussion on contracts with employees and third party contractors.  He explained the various instances and issues that could arise when expectations are not written out.

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