Rip Van Releases Strawberry and Vanilla Wafels

NEW YORK, N.Y. — The innovative convenient snack brand, Rip Van, sets the bar high in 2018. Determined to disrupt the snack experience for the mindful and ambitious, Rip Van has taken its beloved Rip Van Wafels, a modern take on the cookie and a healthier take on the Dutch stroopwafel, into flight with American Airlines. In addition to Rip Van Wafels’ new first-class seat, it will release two new flavor innovations, Strawberry and Vanilla.

“Rip Van is taking 2018 head on. It’s part of our company DNA to always continue evolving for the better. Meeting the needs, and wants of our community who are looking for more out of their snack experiences, healthier, tastier, better designed,” said Rip Pruisken, cofounder of Rip Van. “This year’s direction? Up… 30,000ft to be exact.”

American Airlines has partnered with several brands in an effort to heighten passengers’ in-flight experiences with premium lifestyle offerings, including its snack portfolio. Rip Van Wafels were selected exclusively out of 1,200 other contenders to be the better-for-you sweet cookie to grace the taste buds of first-class passengers. Already accessible on shelves at Starbucks across the U.S. and Canada, Rip Van will now take over the skies.

“Partnering with American Airlines elevates our mission to create better living – especially when it comes to eating conveniently (as you do while in-flight) without compromise. We want to create products that push the boundaries of nutrition and design all while delivering our signature, satisfying taste to American Airlines’ top customers,” says Pruisken.

In addition to partnering with American Airlines, Rip Van Wafels introduces two new cookie flavors, Strawberry and Vanilla. The two new flavors take fans’ snack experiences to the next level – Strawberry, a sweet and refreshing taste that makes for a perfect grab-and-go breakfast or midday snack, and Vanilla, with its classic versatility, can be pair ed with other snacks like yogurt, fruit, and ice cream, or enjoyed on its own! The new flavors, along with its eye-catching and sophisticated design, provide an ever-so-sleek snack experience that hits all the targets – healthy, delicious, convenient, and inspirational. Rip Van Wafels has become 2018’s must-have, on-the-go treat for work and play.

Rip Van Wafels are sold online, at Starbucks coffee shops nationwide, and at other retailers at the suggested price of $17.99 per box of 12 pieces and $55.99 per box of 48 pieces. For more information, visit

About Rip Van

Founded in 2012 Rip Van is determined to reinvent today’s most widely consumed convenient foods for the better. The NY-based snack company is starting with Rip Van Wafels – taking on the cookie category. Creating a better-for-you, tastier, modern and convenient snack, because convenience is necessary in today’s fast-paced world. Rip Van has brought to market a innovative superstar indulgent snack, Rip Van Wafels, a modern take on the traditional Dutch stroopwafel. This fan favorite is disrupting the $7 billion US cookie category. For more information on Rip Van and its products, please visit

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