Simply Beyond Introduces Herb and Vinegar Sprays

CLOSTER, NJ– The modern home cook has a new, convenient way of keeping fresh flavors on hand without the need for perishable ingredients. With a non-aerosol spritz or two, Red Oak Foods’ unique Simply Beyond herb, vinegar and spice sprays infuse meals with intensely aromatic organic extracts, all without chemicals, wastage or tedious preparation.

“In creating the Simply Beyond line, our goal was to bring a convenient solution by creating alternatives to cooking with fresh or dried herbs, while maintaining the same level of taste and aroma,” said Christophe Hervieu, CEO of Red Oak Foods LLC. “We met that goal with our spray-on extracts that have amazed people with how much they taste just like the fresh ingredients.”

Simply Beyond flavors have been formulated and taste-tested to rival their fresh counterparts and surpass their dried substitutes. The family of certified organic spray-on products include: Spray-on Herbs, Organic Fruit Vinegars, and Spray-on Spice. The herb and spice sprays maintain their pure, natural flavors by containing only concentrated essential oils and organic Non-GMO canola oil. The fruit vinegars are also made naturally, with Italian-crafted vinegar and organic pomegranate or cranberry juice. All the sprays are delivered via an innovative, two-year shelf-stable, non-aerosol system that protects the liquids from any air contact and flavor deterioration.

Simply Beyond provides a convenient solution for home cooks frustrated with varying budgets, culinary skills, and time constraints. By replacing costly, spoilable fresh herbs, complicated cooking techniques and measurements, and time-consuming prep work, Simply Beyond gives an easy way to elevate and customize anyone’s plate, at any meal, any time of the year. Simply Beyond products are available on their website, and at select supermarkets and independent stores.

About Red Oak Foods

Red Oak Foods LLC was founded in 2015 by Christophe and Katia Hervieu, with “Everyday Food Made Better” as their guiding principle. They chose to share their family’s passion for cooking and flavorful herbs through their organic, Non-GMO products that promise to be simply better – simply purer, more natural, more flavorful, more affordable, and more practical.

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