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Mauna Loa Rebrand

As part of its goal to make Mauna Loa a nutritional powerhouse, the 75-year-old Hawaiian macadamia nut brand launched a new look this year. The new look, with brand strategy from Purely Righteous and design by Moxie Sozo, kept the brand’s signature blue background but added new illustrations of Hawaiian landmarks and a fresh logo emblematic of Mauna Loa mountain.

The new packaging is aimed at “tak[ing] the macadamia to where it’s never been before,” according to Danielle Laubenstein, Mauna Loa’s director of global brand & innovation, and making the nut a more mainstream ingredient. With more flexibility in application and messaging, the redesign has already allowed the snack brand to expand into new categories -- launching new macadamia nut-based ice creams earlier this year.

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