Cannabis Forum 2019: Building a Fairer Industry

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While the current economic opportunity in legal cannabis is massive, it’s bigger for some than for others. Thanks to well intentioned but ineffective and sometimes harmful government policies and law enforcement priorities, the so-called “War On Drugs” has left many potential marijuana entrepreneurs on the outside looking in, blocked from entering the space by of lack of institutional support, prohibitive costs, a criminal record, or other impediments.

As cannabis entrepreneurs, Willie Mack, co-founder and president of boutique cannabis brand Think BIG, and Rashaan Everett, CEO of vertically integrated cannabis startup Good Tree Holdings, have made addressing these systemic issues a fundamental part of their respective business plans. In a panel discussion recorded at Cannabis Forum 2019, held June 14 in New York City, Everett and Mack discussed their experiences working to create a fairer industry for all.

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