Building the Brand S1E3: Building an In-Be”Tween” Brand

Nov. 24, 2020 at 2:20 PM

Building a brand for kids is not as simple as it might sound. In Season 1 Episode 3 we discuss appealing to the tween palette, the complexities of messaging to multiple audiences, package design, the importance of language that kids trust, addressing the reality that your audience grows out of your product and and honing in on which focus group insights are the truth. Featured experts include Shannon Neumann, Associate Director for SnackFutures and Ruckus and Co Brand Lead, and Barbara Schandl, Insights Lead of SnackFutures Innovation.

Each episode of Building the Brand will break down the processes and challenges related to product development, brand building, audience discovery, messaging, retail and direct to consumer and provide actionable takeaways. Following the video discussions, experts and NOSH subscribers will get together on December 1st for three roundtable discussions on investment, ecommerce and the complexities of building a kids’ brand. Registration is included in your NOSH subscription.

Watch the full Building the Brand series and then join the experts on Tuesday, December 1st for virtual roundtables.