Patented Interlocking Drink Bottles

For Sale or License, Patented kids interlocking drink bottles, smaller yogurt bottles, bottles for snacks, and 6 sided building block toys. These containers all have locking nubs and groves that allow kids to slide or snap together these containers from all directions to build playhouses, planes, robots or just about anything else they can imagine. That's why we call them "Hydration for the imagination" It features a unique rectangular packaging design with patented “connector nubs” and “ grooves” that sets it apart from any other beverages…they simply connect by sliding or snapping together the empty bottles, offering hours of Fun. By collecting numerous bottles, a child can build just about anything they can imagine. We hold patents covering inter-locking bottles with nubs and grooves that allow each bottle to be connectable, stackable, and buildable. They cover any size bottle, along with any combination of locking nubs and grooves on the bottle.

Posted at 05/26/2021 5:16 PM

Last Updated at 05/27/2021 2:19 PM