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Bottling Line For Sale

We are selling our current bottling line, as we have made the decision to change to cans.  This line is a workhorse.  We currently run at 160 bottles per minute, but by replacing the filler, labeler, and adding a second six pack erector, it is designed to run at 300 bottles per minute.  The line includes the following:

Crown Depalletizer, Inkjet coder, twist rinser, 30 head H&K rotary bottle filler/capper, bi-di table, air knives, WS Packaging Pressure Sensitive Labeler, Hamrick Drop Packer, Pearson case erector, AB Sealer Six Pack (or Four Pack) erector/stuffer, Elliot Case Sealer, and all conveyor/conveyor control panel.

Note this line also has a Heuft low fill rejector and Columbia Palletizer, but we are keeping these pieces for our new line.

Here is a few videos of the line in operation from our social media:

Social Media Vid 1: https://

Social Media Vid 2: https://

This is a great affordable line to get into high speed packaging.  We are asking $400,000 obo.  Please email for inquiries, line layout PDFs and more pictures.  We also have all of the CAD drawings, and have an awesome relationship with the engineer who built the line.  He travels frequently, and will be willing to come install it for you on your end.

Posted at 09/13/2018 11:17 AM