FBU Boston 2015

Sept 30, 2015
Boston, MA
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An Exclusive One Day Seminar for Food & Beverage Entrepreneurs

Launching a New Food or Beverage Brand
The food and beverage business attracts entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds. While energetic and determined, many startup founders either have zero experience in the industry or have never started their own company from the ground up. So how do they get their best chance to succeed the first time around?

FBU brings experts to the stage who have been there and done that, many times over. Successful brand owners will share their stories:Clayton Christopher, founder of Deep Eddy and others (video: FBU Austin 201) started his journey with SweetLeaf Tea in his parent’s garage and eventually sold to Nestle; before launching several other brands, Greg Steltenpohl (video: FBU LA 2014 started Odwalla which sold to Coca-Cola. Though ultimately successful, they both admit to big mistakes, and they -- and other -- brand experts will pass on their most valuable lessons. Want to know what they wish they’d known when they started out? You’ll learn it at FBU.

Scaling Your Brand
As a brand evolves, scales and matures, sales and marketing strategies will need to reflect the company’s changing goals and priorities. Brand owners with a clear understanding of this process ahead of time will have a significant advantage when it comes to planning for growth.

Brokers and sales and marketing consultants know these challenges. Sales and marketing advisors like Bruce Nierenberg (video: FBU Chicago 2015), Andy Stallone (video: FBU Austin 2015), and Rob Welcome have all worked with numerous successful brands through transitional phases from their first sales to multi-channel retailing strategies. No matter where your brand currently sits in the business life cycle, our experts have been there before and can help you navigate the best path forward, from understanding route-to-market to anticipating supply chain adjustments.

Raising Capital Responsibly
Growing brands need money to produce product, pay employees, to move and market their goods. As a brand owner, you’ll find yourself trying to raise capital nearly as much as you’re trying to generate sales, and it’s your responsibility to understand the language of the investment community, how to communicate your value and proposition clearly, and to decide which type of capital suits your needs best. 

The experts at FBU are unparalleled when it comes to experience and knowledge regarding investment, specifically within the CPG food and beverage industry. Hear from angel investors like Brad Barnhorn, family fund owners such as Pat Finn, and investment bankers like Mike Burgmaier. Not only is raising capital crucial, but it can be quite confusing. At FBU, our experts are available throughout the day to answer any of your questions.

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