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Tipson Tea
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Tipson brings you the finest of Ceylon's traditional tea blends and herbal infusions! Innovation & Tradition Tea requires titanic efforts to maintain its traditional values in modern day appetite. TIPSON made that impossible a potential reality with untouched recipes. The traditional tea blends with innovative expressions. Registered in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) as one of the premier tea exporting companies, we carry behind years of experience & expertise in tea blending, packing and designing which are transformed into a unique range of products & services. Supplied directly from the luscious tea gardens of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) within few weeks of harvesting, TIPSON brings to you the old memories of real Ceylon tea in innovative tea blends and packaging. With colourful packaging and fascinating traditions, TIPSON offers not only a healthy, invigorating drink but also a journey through 5000 years of history. Riding a new wave of popularity, TIPSON is simultaneously smoothing and stimulating. TIPSON is an international drink with a variety to suit every palate.

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