Native State Foods: Pinole Breakfast Blend - Blueberry & Banana


Our Purely Pinole hot cereals bring to life an ancient Aztec recipe that combines a rare, heritage purple maize (a special ancient grain varietal from the mountains, incredibly nutrient-rich compared to today's corn) that is lightly roasted and stone milled with cacao and cinnamon. Packed with nutrients to boost energy and keep you feeling full longer, pinole is high in protein, fiber, and powerful antioxidants, providing 360 degree nutrition to fuel your day. Prepare as a deliciously filling hot cereal or add to your smoothie. 7g Protein (20g+ per bowl as a hot cereal when prepared with milk or milk substitute!) 30% of your Daily Fiber 40g Whole Grains (gluten free) 100mg of Anthocyanins (a powerful antioxidant)


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Pinole Breakfast Blend - Blueberry & Banana