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Sustained energy from plants not from sugar load or chemicals ?? For the health nuts! #vegan #glutenfree #kosher #gmofree i#peanutfree #caffeine Better Than Coffee ® energy bars were developed for people who want energy without chemicals or preservatives.A Different Energy: An invigorating energy different from what you’ll experience with coffee and energy drinks. It provides a rigor and clarity that lasts for hours without a crash. Natural Ingredients: Our secret is guarana and maca—two plants from South America. Guarana, long used by natives for stamina and energy while hunting, provides a quick boost of natural caffeine. And maca,is scientifically proven to reduce the effect of stress while maintaining an illuminating mental and physical boost. Flavor Without Filler: Better Than Coffee comes in two flavors: original Dark Chocolate & Coconut and French Roast. Both contain 70% organic dark chocolate for a bittersweet taste in stark contrast to sugar-filled, less healthy energy bars and drinks. GF, GMO-free, vegan, kosher, low sugar, low sodium, with high protein. Check for reviews. 4.4* reviews.

Energy Bar

Plant-Based Natural Caffeine Bar

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