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Supercharge: D2C Event Presented By BevNET & NOSH on Sept. 29

Whether it’s as a tool to meter consumer satisfaction or as a core sales pipeline at launch, Direct to Consumer sales execution has become a necessary component of nearly every company’s ability to connect with its audience. That’s become even more prominent during the period of pandemic-ratcheted sales evolution that has defined much of 2020.

BevNET and NOSH will be presenting our very first Supercharge D2C event on Sept. 29 with the purpose of helping food and beverage brands develop, refine, and energize their approach to the direct to consumer channel. This event — included for BevNET and NOSH subscribers — will address strategic, operational, and marketing practices around D2C, as well as provide direct-from-the-entrepreneur stories of how companies are dealing with the D2C environment.

Bringing together experts from the intersection of CPG and D2C, Supercharge D2C will weave together presentations and discussions with Betsy McGinn of McGinn Ecomm Consulting, Dan Baum of Multiply, and Mike Gammarino of Bluprint Partners, a set of entrepreneur narratives, and a series of question and answer “virtual roundtables” with a wide variety of presenters and experienced D2C professionals. The learning and takeaways will offer entrepreneurs opportunities to both leap into the D2C channel and gain knowledge and resources that can improve that channel’s performance.

The event will begin at 1 p.m. EDT on Sept. 29 and will run until 5 p.m.; sponsorship opportunities are still available. Attendee signups are a complementary benefit for all BevNET and NOSH subscribers. Stand-alone event tickets are also available for $275. Both subscribers and event-only attendees must register prior to the half-day virtual event to participate.