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Supercharge: D2C – Brand Case Studies with Hoplark Hop Tea & Catalina Crunch

When you tune in to Supercharge: D2C on Tuesday, Sept. 29, you’ll get more than advice from experts, you’ll also hear from a pair of brands on their recent experiences in growing their businesses in the Direct-to-Consumer environment.

Speaking on-camera — and later joining for our round-table question-and-answer period — will be Dean Eberhardt, co-founder and CEO of Hoplark Hop Tea, and Krishna Kaliannan, founder and CEO of Catalina Crunch cereal and cookies.

Eberhardt and Kaliannan will bring different aspects of the D2C journey to light:

For Catalina Crunch, which began as a Direct-to-Consumer brand and has seen remarkable growth, the discussion will center on the strategic decisions the brand faces with regard to its next stage. Does the company move to a more traditional brick-and-mortar retailing strategy, double down on its brand with innovation on its existing product platform, or combine both? What are the specific characteristics that the D2C channel brings to that decision-making process?

For Hoplark, the questions are different: for a brand that was starting to grow in traditional retail channels, it quickly faced a new strategic reckoning with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March. So how did its founders think about their D2C options and capabilities, and how did they ultimately adapt their business to take advantage of the ongoing consumer move to that retailing format? How does an omnichannel brand that’s adding increased D2C emphasis recognize growth signals within the noise of an industry-wide move to that channel, and how did their marketing and sales strategy do to take advantage of the new opportunities D2C presented?

The founders will outline their approaches to these case studies during the Supercharge D2C event starting at 1 p.m. EDT. It’s open to all subscribers to BevNET and NOSH, so sign up, and be ready to enjoy these talks as well as extended Q and A with a variety of experts during our Round Table breakout sessions.

About Supercharge D2C

BevNET and NOSH will be presenting Supercharge D2C event on Sept. 29 with the purpose of helping food and beverage brands develop, refine, and energize their approach to the direct to consumer channel. This event — included for BevNET and NOSH subscribers — will address strategic, operational, and marketing practices around D2C and provide opportunities for networking.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Attendee signups are a complementary benefit for all BevNET and NOSH subscribers. Stand-alone event tickets are also available for $275. Both subscribers and event-only attendees must register prior to the half-day virtual event to participate.