Winter 2017 | NOV 30 | Santa Monica, CA
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NOSH Live: Why the Natural Food Industry Gathers in Santa Monica

The Project NOSH team works throughout the year to put together NOSH Live, an event where natural food brands can learn, breathe, and find inspiration and partners to leap forward. Brands meet with peers who want to disrupt, innovate and grow. They hear stories about success and failure and share experiences. Our speakers talk about innovative and practical ideas for the future. There are leaders and analysts who discuss where the markets are heading. The event is designed to create business conversations on stage that last through networking opportunities and into the operation of their companies.

Still, this industry is full of events. Why is NOSH Live the premiere event for natural food brands and their partners? Because we strive to make it useful, no matter the company stage: smaller brands learn tactics, larger companies see the innovation curve, and we strive to teach each other.

We gather speakers who bring an insight that makes everyone think and also act. We ask for best practices, battle stories or cases that focus on innovation, growth and the lessons learned in the process. We understand that all companies are different and prepare our content to be about the recognition of opportunity patterns rather than prescriptive, one-size-fits-all plays.

Our “Pitch Slam” exposes bleeding edge brands and gives them a platform to get instant feedback from a group of expert judges, the NOSH community and the world. NOSH Live features sampling stations that allow brands to showcase and get feedback from the business community without the pressure of pitching from behind a booth.

Brands, investors, service providers, retailers and suppliers who attend are all there to meet people who want to make better products, find partners and share experiences. We pace the event to encourage collaboration and a deeper conversation than “here is my business card, let’s meet next week.” Partnerships are found and built at NOSH Live.

And if you are new to the industry, NOSH Live Bootcamp gives you a big gulp from the fire hose.  It’s another opportunity to build a solid foundation and have special access to additional networking. In concert with the main event, you will get started on the right foot.

We hope to see you in Santa Monica. Conference registration is open right now.

About Project NOSH

Project NOSH is the leader in food-focused media and events and is a division of BevNET. The mission of Project NOSH is to offer the best, most comprehensive platform for news coverage, expertise, partnership, networking and support for all members of the community.

Through its website and NOSH Live events, Project NOSH reports on and catalyzes food innovation for the ecosystem of entrepreneurs, consumers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, investors, regulators and ingredients and service providers.

Project NOSH experts are often used as sources for media publications looking for industry information and expertise including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Detroit Free Press, NPR, CNBC and Wired Magazine.

BevNET has offices in Watertown, MA, New York, NY, and San Diego, CA.

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