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Speakers inspire the next generation of food brands. Discuss innovative practices, battle scars, data insights or cases that focus on breaking through or getting to the next level – and the lessons learned in the process.

We’re Looking For: A-Listers, Trailblazers, Innovators

Our conferences create a community and we want speakers that value the impact they have by being on stage. We curate our speaker rosters to feature individuals that prioritize partnership and the sharing of experiences over pitching themselves or their company. Our speakers are not compensated and get on stage to lead the industry forward.

  • Speakers relevant to the industry
  • Founders, CEOs, top-level professionals
  • Highly recognizable brands that are growing fast
  • On-trend companies that are leading the category
  • Individuals interested in educating, not pitching
  • Presentations with actionable takeaways
  • Direct pitches from the speaker, not a third party
  • Speakers not looking for compensation