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Universal Protective Packaging, Inc


Universal Protective Packaging is a custom thermoform packaging manufacturer with a strong focus in the food industry. We have been supplying our customers throughout North America for over 35 years. We established our position in the industry with innovative and often complex package designs particularly for high-tech products such as electronics and medical devices. Over the years we have used our high volume manufacturing experience to become a strong performer in the consumer food packaging market.

Whether it’s a freezer application, single-serve microwave container requirement, or both, UPPI is equipped to handle the challenges food customers place before us.Materials are very instrumental to the success of a food application package. UPPI manufactures polypropylene (PP), PET, PVC, PS, and more sustainable materials such as PLA. We also are educated in the process of lid sealing and ancillary filling equipment.

Mechanicsburg, PA
United States
Packaging, Labeling
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