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The Green Street Group


The Green Street Group is a multi-faceted, product centric import and distribution company that focuses on all aspects of food and beverage.  We strive to bring the best products to our customers from all areas of the globe.  Conveniently located in Philadelphia, PA, GSG is a licensed alcohol importer in the state of Pennsylvania and a licensed wine distributor in the state of New JerseyOur passion is serving our customers with the best, most endearing products on the market. And because we place a high attention to detail on who and where we source our products from, we know that connection to our customers will be genuine and unique.  Building brands is our focus, we find it is the best way to connect with our customers and foster a lasting relationship.The Green Street Group was founded in 2017 by Nicholas D'Amato.  Nick's love of all things wine, food, and culture combined with his years of experience in the import/ export industry has led him on a path to collaborate with great brands and focus on delivering to customers. 

2405 S 21st St
Basement Unit
Philadelphia, PA 19145
United States
Beverage Companies: USA, Food Companies: USA, Importers, Exporters, International, USA
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We are licensed wine distributor in the state of New Jersey as well as a licensed wine importer in the state of Pennsylvania.
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