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Restaurant Supply Drop is restaurant supplier featuring PET Plastic Cups, Paper Hot Cups, Fold To-Go Containers, take out bags, and more. For our food packaging lines, we carry ice cream cups, frozen yogurt containers, deli containers, meal prep containers and much more. If you need supplies for your coffee shop or bubble tea supplies, then we're your one stop shop, we literally have everything you'll need to operate your store. From tea zone syrups to 1883 maison routin syrup, we have all the coffee syrups you'll need. If you need Coffee cups or coffee sleeves, we'll have what you need. Paper Straws are a new item that are very popular because they're eco-friendly -- laws have also required some states like California and Washington to switch to paper straws from plastic straws due to new state laws.

Los Angeles, CA
United States
Food Companies: USA
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