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Power Trip® Beverages…Great taste and more vitamins!
Born from the mind of a true beverage professional and managed by industry veterans, Power Trip® Beverages, Inc. is dedicated to producing the best tasting energy drink with the highest concentrations of vitamins of any leading energy drink brand. Founded by Doug Stuart, who started as a route salesperson with Pepsi-Cola in 1982, Power Trip® is one of the fastest growing energy drinks in the business with distribution throughout the US and abroad. Power Trip® Beverages is a leader in functional, flavored and vitamin enhanced energy drinks. With its recently introduced Vitamin Energy Shot, Power Trip® now offers a full-line of great tasting energy products that helps you, “Get in the Game,” whenever you need a boost of energy. Power Trip® products offer smooth taste, a powerful energy boost and essential vitamins across the entire product line. Flavors include Power Trip® Original Blue, Power Trip® Mango, Power Trip® Extreme and Power Trip® “0” with no sugar and no carbs, and the Vitamin Energy Power Shot boasts an Extreme Citrus flavor. In partnership with Ron Jon Surf Shop, Power Trip® also manufactures and distributes Ron Jon Life Sports Water. Power Trip® Beverages is also known for its aggressive sponsorship of sports teams, individuals and local “happenings and activities” throughout the country and is growing its brand awareness through engaging promotions in feature length films and primetime television programs. For more information, please visit us at:


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