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OIL FORCE LLC is a full-service culinary oil provider to the food industry. We are your single source for quality high-oleic oils that meet stringent quality manufacturing standards. Our oils deliver the best taste and performance profiles, so you, your family and/or customers can fully enjoy the wonderful experience when Sunvella products, like FryPure and SunPure High Oleic Sunflower Oils enhance your freshly prepared cuisine and packaged food products.

SUNVELLA High Oleic Sunflower Oils are manufactured exclusively for distribution by OIL FORCE LLC in partnership with Industrial Group ViOil (Ukraine), one of the world’s leading sunflower oil producers. This partnership ensures a continuous supply of quality controlled, FDA compliant SUNVELLA products in virtually any volume, via dependable delivery to any outlet in the country. Since SUNVELLA products are shipped directly from the processing site, home cooks, restaurant chefs, specialty providers, and food manufacturers realize the lowest possible price as they provide a healthy eating experience.
Available bottled or in bulk

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