Major Keg - Mobile Keg Repair


We've designed machines that resurrect kegs previously thought to be destined for the scrapyard. Those machines have been mounted inside our 26' box-truck. If your kegs are being rejected by a temperamental filling line, utilize our services to get them back into tiptop shape.

Our mobile services entail MicroMatic certified Spear Repair (2-year warranty), Neck Alignment, Chime Rounding and Knurling of embossed kegs. We only require 220V, 3-Phase, 30A power from the brewery. Our warehouse services extend to embossing, keg silkscreening and keg testing.

Your keg necks may appear to be perfectly vertical but a couple degrees off can amount to great stubbornness when attempting to refill on an automated line.

While we do not weld chimes, our Chime Rounder will masterfully return banged up chimes back to their original round glory. Yet another culprit in filling line capsizing!

Tualatin, OR
United States
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