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LogiChain Solutions LLC

LogiChain Solutions LLC


With Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS), LogiChain Solutions offers startups an innovative new approach and a flexible service model to scale its supply chain without heavy upfront investment in people, processes, and technology.

For a monthly fee, the Supply Chain as a Service model gives companies access to a variety of expertise and skill sets as needed. This allows startups to focus on its core business and drive sales without having to invest in full time resources.

Startups that leverage Supply Chain as a Service benefit from a lower cost structure, get access to a pool of supply chain talents and expertise, and can rely on proven processes and systems.

LogiChain Solutions helps startups attain scalability of its supply chain that provides a competitive advantage.

547 29th St
Unit 1
San Francisco, CA 94131
United States
415 795 2269
Consulting, Legal
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LogiChain Solutions, as a virtual supply chain team, is complementing startup companies in areas like

  • supply chain strategy: align supply chain processes with the company’s vision and business strategy
  • supply chain network design: streamline supply chain costs while improving service metrics
  • supply chain diagnostics: measure the health and maturity of the company’s supply chain
  • supply chain risk management: manage risk and optimize business continuity in the supply chain
  • outsourcing of logistics services: explore advantages of outsourced solutions
  • supplier management: find the right warehouse provider or co-packer
  • transportation management & distribution: evaluate service providers and service models
  • sustainable supply chain: design a sustainable end-to-end supply chain
  • export / import: support in export, import and customs topics
  • procurement: evaluate suppliers for packaging, ingredients, and logistics services
  • contract management: negotiate rates, terms and conditions and draft agreements
  • project management: plan, execute and monitor projects including budget, schedule and resources  
  • general supply chain and logistics support: day-to-day support and supply chain “helpdesk”
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