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Carson'z LLC ( Carson'z Gummie Shots)


Carson'z Gummie Shots are premade gel shots, so you don't need to spend hours preparing homemade ones! They're certified gluten free, vegan, (12% ABV) 24 proof, and made from moonshine!! Our 1st unique flavors are bubble gum, cotton candy, cinnamon, candy apple, & root beer, with more unique delicious flavors to come! They taste great, don't require refrigeration, are only 70 calories, and consumers are reaching out like crazy for these with over 6,000 Facebook likes in our first 4 months! Our labels are designed by one of the top artists, and label designers in the United States! We also plan to market hard in every way! To include notifying consumers where they can purchase our products!  They're manufactured in Louisville, KY, and ready for distribution! (Patent pending)

Slippery Rock, PA
United States
(724) 290-6308
Beverage Companies: USA
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