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Bella Minas Mineral Water


Bella Minas is a natural mineral water bottler in Brazil. Our fountain is located in the Minas Gerais mountains, in a region called Mario Campos.Our water is a low sodium one and a 7.32 PH: Bicarbonate 105,6 mg/LCalcium 19,625 mg/LMagnesium 11,106 mg/LSulfate 5,59 mg/LChloride 3,60 mg/LPotassium 1,000 mg/LSodium 0,660 mg/LNitrate 0,34 mg/LFluoride 0,06 mg/LBarium 0,018 mg/LStrontium 0,016 mg/LBromide 0,01 mg/LEvaporation Residue 108,29 mg/L
Bella Minas is already registered in the FDA. It will  be exhibited in the National Restaurant
Association Show in Chicago 2020, from May 16 to 19.Further and full information
regarding our company and our product are available on request. 
For any question or inquiry
regarding our bottled water do not hesitate to contact us.  

Mario Campos
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500ml Natural Mineral Water Bottles with a capacity of 6.000.000 bottles per month.

PH 7,32

Bicarbonate 105,6 mg/L

Calcium 19,625 mg/L

Magnesium 11,106 mg/L

Sulfate 5,59 mg/L

Chloride 3,60 mg/L

Potassium 1,000 mg/L

Sodium 0,660 mg/L

Nitrate 0,34 mg/L

Fluoride 0,06 mg/L

Barium 0,018 mg/L

Strontium 0,016 mg/L

Bromide 0,01 mg/L

Evaporation Residue 108,29 mg/L

None Specified