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Arrow is one of the largest suppliers of commemorative gifts to hundreds of financial service companies in the region. Not to mention many other types of businesses in the tri-state area, including financial, insurance, automobile, manufacturing, food and beverage, resorts, media, health care, communications and marketing, meeting and event planning, etc.
Arrow's expertise in designing merchandise and then getting it manufactured skillfully, according to your precise specifications (and before deadline) permeates the entire business. Whether it's 3,000 baseball caps embroidered with a 4-color logo for a store opening, or 100,000 promotional items for a new beverage roll-out, or a single, carefully chosen luxury gift for a retiring executive, Arrow can be your source.
All of which is supported with the type of personalized, dedicated customer service you'd expect from a company that's been serving the New York metropolitan area for over four decades.


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