Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 4 p.m.: Join the Office Hours Studio Audience

We’re looking for about a dozen entrepreneurs and other workers in the food and beverage business to join a live Office Hours taping on Tuesday with Steven Hershberger, the founder of Westminster Innovation Group. Audience members are encouraged to join the conversation by asking questions and speaking with our guests during the show.

This discussion will focus on portfolio management and the ways brands can use data for innovation during tough times. Hershberger, who consults with brands on portfolio and product innovation strategies, will join us for a conversation on ways brands can identify their “hero skus” during a period when many companies are looking to reduce, rather than grow, parts of their portfolios.

We’ll pay special attention to figuring out what to cut, what to save, and what to push to the front. But SKU reductions don’t need to mean the end of innovation. Hershberger will discuss the methods brands can use to identify other innovation opportunities in areas like price, packaging, production method, and even in terms of working with other products in a shopping basket.

The Office Hours audience should join us for a front-row, interactive seat in a discussion that will show there’s more to innovation than just new flavors and functions, and the ways that product tweaks can lead to unlocked revenue.

To join the audience, please reach out to or feel free to submit questions in advance ahead of the taping as well.

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