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Video: Investing in Natural & Specialty Foods with Arif Fazal

Carol Ortenberg

In the lead up to some of the year’s biggest trade shows, the industry is often abuzz around one hot topic: investment. Industry leaders want to know who’s planning to invest, who has funds to invest, who’s looking for investment and who just closed a round.

At this year’s Fancy Food show in San Francisco, California, Project NOSH Editor, Carol Ortenberg, sat down with Blueberry Ventures Founder and Managing Director, Arif Fazal to discuss his thought on the natural food space and what the future looks like for the venture firm.

Fazal spoke about the group’s fund for early stage food and beverage companies and why he is particularly interested in the next generation of food and beverage brands that are targeting healthy eating or “constant consumption.” In the week before the show, Blueberry announced investment in two healthy snack brands, Rhythm Superfoods and Barnana.

Fazal discussed with NOSH what drew Blueberry to these brands, as well as what categories he’s keeping an eye on for future investments. Watch the full interview below to see what he had to say.

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