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FBU Austin 2015: Conference and Roundup Footage Are Up!

Food and Beverage University has four action-packed seminars ahead for 2015 and we made our very first stop in the Lone Star State capital of Austin, Texas.  “Keeping Austin weird” is the city’s motto, and frankly, if weird means innovative, unique, energizing, and avant-garde, then Austin is very weird.

With over 100 food and beverage entrepreneurs and attendees all gathering in one of the country’s creative epicenters, FBU knew we had to put on quite the show to make an impact, and we’re glad to say the mission was accomplished.

The program included a wide array of speakers and topics for every stage of the entrepreneurial journey.  Insiders like Andy Stallone of SAS Sales and Marketing talked about distribution strategy while entrepreneurs and investors like Clayton Christopher of Deep Eddy Vodka talked to the crowd about what investors look for in a startup.

While many of the topics focused on foundations necessary for the entrepreneur, FBU included some for practical application like Bill Sipper’s “Thrifty Hacks for the Entrepreneur,” which included money-saving tips for entrepreneurs in brand design, advertising, and formulation.  One of the crowd favorites was Nucleus Maximus’ Adam Spriggs, who did a presentation on brand packaging, where he showed entrepreneurs simple ways of assessing whether their packaging will be memorable on the shelves.

Catch the Austin conference in its entirety on FBU and watch our conference roundup video above, which includes interviews with some of Austin’s newest entrepreneurs and what they thought of the event.

Our next event is in Chicago on April 30.


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