Entrepreneur Spotlight: Salsa Extraordinaire – Sherie Grillon of NoLA’s Fresh Foods

When we interviewed the director of community relations for Boston’s CropCircle Kitchen as part of our Kitchen Incubator Series, she insisted we talk with one of its star entrepreneurs, Sherie Grillon, the founder of NoLA’s Fresh Foods.

Grillon’s company manufacturers various types of traditional, fresh Mexican-style salsas, which are distributed to over 75 different stores in the New England area, including a number of Whole Foods locations. FBU heard Grillon’s story and quickly realized that if there was someone whose experience and advice could help out other entrepreneurs, she would surely fit the bill.

Grillon grew up in New Orleans and learned to cook from her grandmother. Having worked at restaurant kitchens in her hometown of New Orleans and during her college years in Austin, Texas, one might think that Grillon would have naturally gravitated toward a role in the food industry. The future food entrepreneur, however, kicked off her professional career in television production and retail management.

After working 70-hour weeks during weekends and holidays, Grillon thought a transition to something she has loved since her youth made sense.

“I’ve cooked my whole life, and that was always a dream: that I would at some point cook for a living,” Grillon said.

Having launched her business knowing almost nothing about commercial food production, she offered to FBU entrepreneurs advice and a few pointers that she feels would’ve been useful prior to getting started.

She also shared with FBU tips on what entrepreneurs should expect from a daily routine. Towards the end of the interview, FBU asked Grillon what a typical day at work was like for her. She chuckled and replied, “There is no typical day. It’s really just putting out fires.”

Hear much more about Grillon’s entrepreneur story and the experience and lessons she has learned during the first three years of her entrepreneurial journey from our recent interview.

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