Bob Nelson: Resources at the SBA

In the second part of our interview with Massachusetts’ Small Business Administration (SBA) district director, Bob Nelson, FBU focused on the specific resources that the agency can offer entrepreneurs. While the SBA is known for its loan programs (learn more in this FBU segment), many of the resources it offers, including assistance with industry analysis, tax strategies, and business development workshops, are not as familiar to new business owners.

One fairly new feature on the SBA website, which is especially useful to new entrepreneurs is the “Analyze Your Business” tool. It allows entrepreneurs the ability to map out their competitors and customers as well as compare how their business stacks up against others in the industry.

Nelson listed numerous other complementary resources and consultation services that the SBA offers. He explains that while the SBA may not be able to provide all resources in-house, it works with aligned partners like SCORE and the Small Business Development Center to assist entrepreneurs.

“For the SBA and through our partner organizations – we all do workshops,” Nelson said. “Workshops can be how to start a business –how to market your small business, tax implications for small business — marketing through social media, you name it, you can find workshops taking place across the country.”

Watch this interview in its entirety along with a separate interview on financial assistance offered by the SBA on FBU.



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