Assistant Brewer

Two Blokes Brewing

We are hiring a full-time Assistant Brewer at our 7bbl brewery in Mount Pleasant, SC. The right candidate will work under the Head Brewer to complete all brewing, packaging, cleaning, and reporting processes. We are looking for someone to add to our team who has enthusiasm, is a quick learner, and is passionate about craft beer.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Assistant Brewer will be responsible for participating in all aspects of the brewing and packaging processes - including, but not limited to:· All tasks pertaining to beer production· Packaging operations (canning, bottling, keg filling/washing)· Brewhouse and equipment cleaning, maintenance, and sterilization
· Material and ingredient organization· Date reporting 
· Maintaining a safe work environment
· Occasionally represent the brewery at events

Physical Requirements

· Ability to perform all tasks associated with craft brewing
· Ability to lift over 55 lbs (lifting grain bags, moving kegs and packaged beer, stocking cooler, pushing equipment)· Ability to stand for long periods of time· Ability to stand for at least 8 hours, five days per week

Experience, Skills, and Education

Experience in a brewery setting and/or formal Brewing Education is preferred, but not required.

Candidate must:

· Be able to follow instructions  
· Be detail-oriented
· Have the ability to learn quickly take initiative  
· Be able to work well alone, as well as be a team player to accomplish tasks.
· Have basic knowledge of craft beer styles 

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