Associate Brand Manager

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Associate Brand Manager

Full-time independent contractor | Remote or Boston area | Works with Founder/CEO | Start immediately

Flow Coffee is seeking an Associate Brand Manager to manage project workflow and contribute to many aspects of this young, dynamic, and super-premium “optimized coffee” company. The right person will be highly organized, have strong project management skills, want to help build a new brand in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment, and be very attuned to the college environment. The Associate Brand Manager will work directly with the Founder/CEO and a small team with a big vision. This is a great opportunity for a project manager who knows how to organize information and move projects forward while gaining front-line entrepreneurial experience helping to grow a CPG startup that will improve the way we think.

Coffee that Helps People Think Better

By infusing premium cold brew with a carefully-calibrated, science-backed formula of plant-based extracts, we created coffee without the side effects (no jitters, anxiety, or crash), delivering twice as powerful and long-lasting benefits (more focus, alertness, energy). Caffeine molecules in our coffee have twice as high an absorption rate, and promote neurogenesis with every cup, leading to long-lasting and cumulative improvements to your brain (better memory, faster learning rate, improved mood, and slowed brain aging).

Roles & Responsibilities

  •   Manage and streamline Flow projects using, Slack, Zoom, and email
  •   Build and systematize information databases in Excel and Google Sheets
  •   Interface with internal leadership and external key service providers
  •   Set up and control various operational business accounts and systems
  •   Organize meetings and maintain minutes, while joining key stakeholder calls
  •   Oversee project-related email correspondence and communicate as a representative of the brand
  •   Support programs in product development, including flavor and efficacy profile testings; brand and marketing strategy, using market research; vendor identification, vetting, and coordination; and social media management and content creation
  •   Take ownership of the brand and promote the product to your network as a core member of the team
  •   Spot opportunity and execute big ideas with the support of leadership and opportunities for growth within the company


  • 1-3 years of relevant project management experience or equivalent
  • Must drink and demonstrate interest in coffee and RTD beverages  
  • Must be attuned to college students’ social environments and consumption trends
  • Must have a personal laptop and be highly proficient with basic technology, including Google Suite,, Slack, and Excel, with effective quantitative skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; fluent in spoken and written English language
  • Highly organized, hard-working, resourceful, entrepreneurial, and self-directed
  • Flexible problem-solver with healthy energy and strong passion about this work, who is eager to help build a new business

Compensation & Benefits

  • Hourly compensation $25/hour
  • Mileage reimbursed at current legal rate
  • Flexible time off by arrangement
  • At this time, there are no benefits offered by the company (except free product!)

Flow’s Core Values

  • Your mind is your life. Everything that occurs in your life is processed through the software of your mind. Upgrade that software, upgrade your life. People, especially students, want to think better, know more, and be more productive. If we are to optimize anything, why not ourselves? Innovation lies in the human brain. To affect real progress in the world, we need to first allow our brains to expand and improve.

  • Everyone has the right to the best brain possible. Higher thinking should be easily accessible to anyone who seeks it, at any given moment and to the greatest extent possible. We offer consumers the opportunity to learn faster, remember more, and optimize focus from a tasty ready-to-drink coffee. If everyone has access to their best brain possible, the potential for innovation proves endless.

  • Blue-sky thinking. Flow values creative brainstorming without limits, judgments, or consequences. We value free strategy sessions to open new ways of thinking, and dynamic reasoning to allow brilliance to unfold.

  • Serve the thinkers. Our users inform every aspect of Flow. Anything our users want, they deserve. At every level, Flow is built for and by the consumer.

  • It’s not snake oil. It’s science. There are too many drinks out there promising but not delivering. Flow emerged out of our college-student founder’s personal desire to find a better, more sustainable solution to thinking better, but he couldn't tolerate the adverse effects of normal coffee. Our benefits are backed by hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies and our own clinical trials, and the Flow mindscape is loved by the multitude of college students who helped develop the product.

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