Kombucha brewery in Brooklyn, NY seeking experienced brewers

BKE Bushwick

BKE Kombucha in Brooklyn is expanding our team and currenty recruiting for several positions, including head brewer and assistant brewers with commercial brewing experience. We are a 10BBL brewery with 2 unitanks for flavoring/carbonation (1 x 5BBL, 1 x 10 BBL). We are currently a small team with a start-up environment and are actively scaling up production.

-Job tasks include:
-Performing tasks needed for primary and secondary fermention
-Overseeing brewery assitants and bottling team
-CIP cleaning tanks, bottler, and pump with caustic/PAA
-hours: part time or full time

Applicants must have:
-at least 1 years of commercial brewing experience and completion of a brewing apprenticeship
-prior experience working with CIP cleaning and operating pressurized unitank/bright tanks
-ability to work independently and supervise brewing assistants
-desire to work in a start-up environment
-motivated by creativity and innovation (interest in helping us create a high ABV kombucha line)
-a sincere passion for fermentation and kombucha
-brewing references

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