Raaka Chocolate

CEO, Raaka Chocolate (Brooklyn, NY)

Hey there! We’re seeking a CEO who aligns with our values, is excited about our vision, and is capable of working with our existing team to realize that vision.

Leveling up our online business is Raaka’s highest priority in the near term. We will consider candidates with significant experience building great eCommerce businesses and exceptional management skills. Candidates should be available to work full time from our office in Red Hook, Brooklyn.


Raaka’s vision, in a nutshell, is to become the Ben & Jerry’s of chocolate. We’re making uncommonly delicious chocolate, and running our business in a way that makes a difference in people’s well being. We plan to grow from $3.3mm to $6mm in the coming 3 years. We’ll do this by growing Raaka’s brand, with focus on our brand pillars: Unroasted Dark Chocolate and Transparent Trade. We’ll continue to scale deep, meaningful relationships with customers. We’ll develop and improve Raaka’s social impact. 

At Raaka, we make unroasted dark chocolate. We love sharing the bold, fruity, and tangy flavors present in unroasted cocoa beans. We’re passionate about innovation, and we’re constantly exploring what’s possible in chocolate. As proof, we make two totally unique limited batch chocolates each month for our First Nibs monthly chocolate subscription. We make all of our product from bean-to-bar at our factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

We’re driven by a passion for operating in ways that maximize positive social and environmental impact. We buy fine flavor cacao directly from cocoa cooperatives, paying above fair trade prices under our Transparent Trade commitments. We’re proud to have built a culture of respect, creativity, and open, honest, direct feedback where folks can bring their full selves to work. Our stock options plan reserves an 18% ownership share for employees, and we’re committed to increasing employee ownership.

Primary Objectives

  • Level up Raaka’s eCommerce business

  • Provide effective leadership to ensure Raaka meets or exceeds the growth & EBITDA goals set by the Board of Directors

  • Build, mentor, manage, and develop Raaka's team.

  • Cultivate a productive, diverse, and positive work culture which honors Raaka’s values and makes Raaka an employer of choice.

  • Ensure that all company policies and practices support Raaka’s commitment to high ethical standards and leadership in social and environmental responsibility.


  • Work with Executive Chair & interim CEO to set high-level strategy

  • Propose Annual Budget

  • Own the eCommerce P&L and develop Raaka's online business

  • Manage 4 department leads (production, sales, marketing, admin/HR)

  • Recruit, hire, & train department heads (if needed)

  • Financial Planning & Analysis (margins, line of business analysis, etc)

  • Cultivate a productive, positive work culture which honors company’s values (see below)

  • Manage cash flow

  • Raise capital

  • Investor relations

  • Manage team to ensure all brand standards are universally met/exceeded

  • Prepare materials in advance of and make presentations at quarterly Board Meeting and Annual Shareholders Meetings

  • Review/approve CapEx projects (machinery purchases, leasehold improvements)

  • Ensure Raaka excels in its product innovation, production efficiency, product quality, sales, marketing, and customer service.

  • Oversee expansion of Raaka’s factory

  • Inspire excellence in the team by keeping members vitally connected to meaning and "why" we work

  • Conduct annual performance reviews of team leaders

  • Promote enthusiasm for company's brand, vision, and impact internally and externally

Required Qualifications

  • eCommerce/DTC business development expertise

  • Exceptional business development and strategic planning skills

  • Exceptional management skills and track record of managing a diverse team

  • Highly collaborative work style and commitment to growing the responsibilities and opportunities of the team

  • Leadership experience and the ability to manage a wide range of stakeholders

  • Passion for business and consumer brands

  • Exceptionally strong prioritization and context switching skills

  • Alignment with company's values

Preferred Qualifications

  • 2+ years of c-level experience at a consumer brand w/sales > $5mm

  • 5+ years in the consumer packaged goods

  • Online subscription product experience

  • Experience raising capital

  • Exceptionally strong Financial Planning & Analysis 

  • Marketing/brand building (esp. for consumer brands)

  • Manufacturing operations experience

  • Product development

  • Food production/manufacture

  • Track record of providing and scaling exceptional customer experience

  • Sales & partnerships

  • Leadership in sustainability practices & social responsibility

  • Prior business success

  • Strong CPG network

  • Mentoring/coaching experience

Reports to: Executive Chair and Board of Directors

Direct Reports: Co-founder, Director of Sales, Brand Manager, HR/Admin Manager (4 total)


  • Salary + Bonus: Commensurate with market rates

  • Stock Options: Options awarded on a 4 year vesting timeline, with a 2 year cliff and quarterly vesting thereafter.

  • Health Insurance: Flexible plans offered. Company contributes $375/month toward plans.

  • 401(k): available

  • Travel Expenses: Raaka will cover your business-related travel expenses (lodging and transportation), along with a $40 per diem payout for business travel. 

More about the company:

  • Team Size: 20 FTEs (6 office, 14 production/fulfillment)

  • LTM Sales: +$3.3 million 

Our Passions:

  • Innovation: It's our distinct pleasure to actively and creatively innovate. As an emerging brand, we’re nimble and we leverage that.

  • Social impact: We partner with mission-driven suppliers who work hard to produce exceptional products and we purchase under industry leading commitments to our suppliers.

  • Creating jobs we love: We're committed to maintaining a positive and supportive work culture grounded in open, honest communication, respect, and hard work.

Our Values:

  • Creativity: What people eat and how they buy it is always changing. We bring creativity to formulation and distribution.

  • Quality: Everything we do, we commit to doing well.

  • Joyfulness: We practice working from a place of joy and sharing that with others.

  • Direct, open, honest communication: We're best off when we understand each other.

  • Sustainability: We work to be good stewards of the environment.

  • Transparency: Better information leads to better decisions.

  • Self-improvement: The workplace is a great place to get better at all kinds of things.

  • Community: We're happiest when we're connected to those around us.

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