Director of Small Formats - National Accounts

Kitu Life Super Coffee

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Job Description

  • A key role within the Super Coffee sales organization, leading strategy in the small format and c-store channel, reporting to VP of National Accounts and direct bi-weekly meetings with the company’s Chief Revenue Office.
  • Manage all aspects of the Small Format Channel for the RTD portfolio at Super Coffee, including account & broker management; with the support of our existing National, Divisional, and Regional Sales Teams
  • Organize and manage all promotional calendars / retailer programming for those key accounts, to ensure strong sales and execution in stores
  • Responsible for leading the charge on all new item / innovation pitches to retailers, to ensure we’re getting our newest flavors & product lines out to retail as quickly and seamlessly as possible
  • Working with the Kitu field teams to ensure execution in stores with both our own team and distributors, to ultimately optimize sales at the store level
  • Responsible for reporting directly to our VP of National Accounts on a weekly basis in regard to your key account priorities, goals, tactics, initiatives assigned by our Chief Revenue Officer
  • Working with Inside Sales & Operations on Sales Forecasting & Demand Planning for the Annual Budget & Quarterly Sales Forecasts for operations.
  • Ensure we are working closely with our Marketing Directors & teams to drive awareness & key programs with our Retailers on a Quarterly & Monthly Basis.


    Director of Small Format Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Successfully implementing strong promotional calendars and retail programs across all product lines, at all priority accounts across the country
  • Successfully adding Super Coffee priority SKUs to all of our core small format accounts in a timely manner, to ensure they’re available to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible in retail
  • Activate account marketing programs to drive sales velocity at key small format partners including 7-Eleven & CVS.
  • Ensuring we are setting clear, measurable monthly & quarterly goals in our sales Goal Tracker & Lattice for our teams
  • Ensuring we have a clear list of priority accounts & brokers to ensure we are monitoring progress across all of our product lines.
  • Ensuring we are hitting our total Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Case & Revenue Goals based on the combined KPI's of your RSM's, DSM's ASM's & TSM's
  • Reporting accurate Sales Data & Forecasts with Inside Sales & Operations when Forecasting & Demand Planning for the Annual Budget & Quarterly Sales Forecasts for operations & finance.
  • Ensure we are abiding by our Quarterly budgets & Hiring plans.
  • Maintaining incredible relationships with our Brokers, Key Accounts, DSD Distributors.
  • Attend weekly team meetings & individual 1 on 1 meetings with Manager & team to ensure alignment on priorities & opportunities.
  • Attend Bi-Weekly 1v1 with Chief Revenue Officer


    Key Accounts to be managed (including but not limited to)

    ?      7-Eleven, CVS, Walgreens, QuikTrip, Wawa, Sheetz, Circle K, Casey’s, Kum N Go, etc.


    Team Dynamic

    ?      Manager: VP of National Accounts

    ?      Direct Report(s): none

    ?      Key Partners: Brokers, Key Accounts & DSD Distributors

    ?      Key Teammates: Division Managers, Regional Managers, Field Sales & Business Operations

    ?      Key Tools: Netsuite Budget, Netsuite CRM, Shelvspace & VIP

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