• Upholding Boochcraft’s company values and representing Boochcraft with enthusiasm and confidence.
  • Ensuring a safe workplace
  • Collecting, analyzing, and databasing quality control data. This involves both in-process and post-production quality control monitoring and analysis.
  • Performing standardized analytical testing which includes but is not limited to: pH, gravity, dissolved carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, seam analysis, ABV, flavor, and shelf-life. This includes organizing and tracking analytical data.
  • Monitoring packaged Booch quality in bottles, cans, and kegs – including packaging material quality according to established protocols. This includes working with Brewery personnel to determine root cause and possible solutions for analytical issues.
  • Adhering to the Quality Management System and providing inputs toward continually improving its scope and effectiveness
  • Continuing his/his/her education as needed to fill gaps in technical and managerial knowledge.
  • Maintaining some brewery equipment to minimize unplanned downtime delays.
  • Monitoring Key Process Indicators (KPIs)
  • Analyzing and communicating production results
  • Performing brewery tasks that include but are not limited to CIP, brewing, transfers, bottling, kegging, and maintaining accurate brew log data
  • Tasting finished product and determining whether it meets flavor and carbonation quality thresholds
  • Maintaining accurate and detailed brew log data
  • Maintaining inventories of raw and finished goods
  • Following proper operating procedures and cleaning


    Education: A combination of coursework and on-the job training that provides the technical skills necessary to understand all aspects of brewing. It is preferred that he/she has a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in Brewing or Fermentation Science, Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry or Engineering.

    Experience: He/she will have at least 2 years’ experience working in a production environment as direct labor operating production equipment and following SOPs. Preferred experience: at least 1 year of hands-on experience at a brewery producing no less than 5,000 BBL/year where he/she will have experienced all aspects of brewing including recipe development and pilot brewing, scaling, full production, packaging and quality control.

    License or Certification: It is preferred this person hold one or more certificates in brewing from an accredited program.

    Specialized Skills: He/she must be able to perform all SOPs and have been trained and certified in the use of all machinery including forklifts. It is preferred that he/she be proficient in the use of various quality assurance tools to measure ABV, specific gravity, etc. and that he/she have a well-developed palate that is able to make distinctions among flavors, ingredients, fermentation characteristics, and aging/storage methods.

    Physical Requirements: He/she must able to perform physical activities which include but are not limited to lifting, bending over, kneeling, twisting, climbing on ladders, stooping, crouching, and routinely lifting up to 50 lbs. and occasionally up to a 100 lbs. He/she may be required to stand for up to 4 hours at a time. This person is expected to use/operate latches, hand tools, clamps, hoses, pumps, valves, etc., that will require dexterity, manipulation and hand-eye coordination. He/she must be able to work anytime within a 1st or 2nd shift window with the occasional overnight and/or weekend coverage. He/she will be expected to occasionally handle hazardous chemicals.

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