Head Distiller

Charleston Distilling Co.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

- Perform all duties involved in the distillation process from production, fermentation, storage and distillation. *Must be 21 years of age or older.

- Maintain a sanitary and legally approved production area.

- Manage and coordinate a production schedule with head of marketing to deliver on seasonal and annual product releases.

- Develop your own standard operating procedures for new and existing processes.

- Working with other local beverage companies to blend and/ or innovate new product potential through creative collaborations.

- Work with accounting and management to own documentation associated with legal/TTB and PLCB reporting and tax requirements on behalf of Local, Federal and State government authorities.

- Manage and file production log, inventory reports, with the use of Whiskey Systems software.

- Ongoing equipment cleaning and maintenance.

- Manage safety requirements

- Participate in occasional tours, tasting events or offsite representation of brand when needed.

- Conduct spirit tastings and tend bar 

Skill Set:

  • 2+  years commercial distilling experience
  • 2+ years of bartending experience
  • Project management knowledge
  • Quality assurance experience
  • Heavy lifting required on occasion to perform daily production duties
  • Advanced knowledge of all aspects of the beverage production line
  • Understanding the process and science behind creating vodka, gin, and whiskey
  • Well-developed sensory skills for tasting and evaluating spirits
  • Whiskey Systems or Management Software Experience

Opportunity for bonuses

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