Brewer - Fieldwork Brewing (Berkeley, CA)

Fieldwork Brewing Company

Location: Berkeley California
Company: Fieldwork Brewing
Position: Shift Brewer
Start Date: May 2020

About Us:
Located in the neighborhood of West Berkeley, Fieldwork Brewing Company opened its doors in early 2015. We are determined to make the absolute best beer possible while maintaining a safe and engaging environment for our employees.

About The Job:
Daily brewhouse operations from grain to glass
Wort production
Inventory Management (helping with counts on raw materials and moving stock)
Cellar process with a focus on low D.O. pick up
Packaging (kegging, canning, and bottling)
Barrel program assistance
Beer transferring
Tank dumps and dry hopping
CIP of fermentation tanks and brewhouse vessels
Yeast management (cropping, cell counts, pitch rates, generation tracking, etc)
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and then a little more cleaning...
Cleaning kegs
Prepare brew days by weighing and milling grain

About You:
Have working experience professionally brewing. This includes a high level understanding of flow control, pressure, pumps, CIP, packaging, etc.
Can frequently stand, sit, squat, crouch, crawl and climb
Can lift 55 lbs. to shoulder height
Can lift / move full kegs (+/- 150 lbs.)
Can operate a forklift
Can work in loud, slippery, hot, humid, and cold environments for extended periods of time
Can work safely around hazardous chemicals, high voltage, hot liquids, compressed gases, pressurized vessels, etc.
Must be flexible with your schedule (this position will require one weekend shift a week)
Must be extremely responsible
Must be an absolute juggernaut of multitasking and paying attention to detail

What This Job Isn't:
An entry level position; you will need professional brewhouse experience to be considered.

To Apply:
Please send cover letter and resume to:

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