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JuneShine Organic Hard Kombucha

JuneShine Organic Hard Kombucha is hiring at their New York Pop-Up Tasting Room! Check out these roles and other roles we have available at JuneShine across the US now!

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Door Host

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

JuneShine Purpose:

Honest alcohol for a healthier planet.

Our Business:

Frustrated with the lack of alcohols that cater to our healthy, outdoors driven lifestyle, we decided to make our own. While most alcohols contain GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, and food coloring, we sought to make the healthiest, naturally sourced product. Our kombucha is a jun kombucha, made from green tea and honey, whereas normal kombucha is produced with black tea and sugar. We realized that we were not alone in seeking a natural alcohol. Beer preference is at an all-time low, and wine and spirits continue to see low digit year over year growth. The alcohol class exhibiting double digit growth is the near beer class (spiked seltzer, hard cider, etc).

Our Goals:

Rapid growth, contingent upon two strict conditions: 1. We do not sacrifice quality of our product. 2. We do not sacrifice quality of our culture.

Our Culture:

We derive much of our management policy from a book we give you upon hiring, ‘Let My People Go Surfing’, by Yvon Chouinard (founder, owner, Patagonia). Our policy is to allow workers flexible hours, provided the work gets done with no negative impact on others. Our ‘let my people go surfing’ policy demands that we hire very unique individuals; those with a combination of self-motivation, self-discipline, and energy.

JuneShine Inc is an equal opportunity employer.


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