NOSH LiveNosh

US Business Development and Craft Beer God

SmartBrew/Natural Brew INC

Business Development Manager/Beer God - Western US

Natural Brew Inc is currently seeking a Business Development phenom with deep knowledge of the craft beer and hospitality industry.

This is a tough ask - but we know you’re out there.  

This is who you are:

A brilliant, experienced professional who lives in the Chicagoland area who really REALLY gets:

  • Craft Beer
  • The Brewing Process
  • Sales
  • Project Management
  • Customer Portfolio Management 

So basically, if you’re a BrewMaster with a proven track record in sales and a willingness to travel and put up with a team of idiots from all over the world - you’ll fit right in. You’ll be the the first point of contact in making sure all of our brewery partners are thrilled beyond description. No pressure.

This is who we are:

Positioned for exponential growth over the next decade, SmartBrew is a revolutionary brewing system that allows bars and restaurants to collaboratively brew their own world-class signature craft beers fresh onsite, working with one of the most celebrated BrewMasters in the world. This is an exciting, disruptive solution for the industry and one for which restaurateurs show great excitement.

For context; bars and restaurants with breweries/Breweries with onsite brewpubs and kitchens are seeing a massive explosion and this trend will continue to grow exponentially into the foreseeable future. People want to drink extraordinary craft beers made at the establishment that brews it.  And that leaves bars and restaurants trying to figure out how to maintain their piece of the pie. And this is where we come in.  

We’ve levelled the playing field. And we want you to help us take over the world.


Drop us a line at with the Subject Line - "Brewing God Interest". Better yet - let’s meet in Chicago during the National Restaurant Association Show at McCormick on May 18-21. The whole team will be there, so we can grill you and make you feel uncomfortable and intimidated. But we’ll have beer, so you’ll be fine.

PS - you’d be wise to check out first so you don’t look stupid when we chat. 

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