Swiss Rösti Launches New Brand Of Crispy Filled Potatoes

PORTLAND, Ore.— Swiss Rösti, a start-up company based in Portland Oregon (www.swissrosti.com) is proud to announce the nationwide introduction of a new three-item line of frozen Crispy Filled Potato products under its Rösti brand. This new product line is truly an original and authentic cultural food that until now has never been available to the US market.

Swiss Rösti partnered with Oregon State University’s Food Innovation Center on the development of the Rösti product line, creating an innovative new potato-based product offering. They worked intimately with Sarah Masoni, the FIC Director of Product & Process Development and one of the country’s most respected R&D professionals. The Rösti products are not only unique, but they offer consumers a delicious, convenient, versatile and healthy way to eat flavorful filled potatoes.

The Rösti R&D team developed three flavors for the initial US market launch. They are the Melty Swiss Raclette, filled with imported Swiss Raclette cheese; the Zesty Chili Cheese, filled with Garbanzo Beans, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Red Peppers, Poblano Peppers and Spices; and the Stuffed Baked Potato, filled with Sour Cream, Cream Cheese and Chives. Each 75-gram Rösti is 100 calories or less, gluten free, Non-GMO, low cholesterol and has no soy.

“We are launching Swiss Rösti as a first to market, crispy, hand-held filled potato that can be dressed-up, or dressed down for everyone to enjoy!” said Steve Caldwell, President and Co-Founder of Swiss Rösti with his wife Lory. “Swiss Rösti is a true Category Creator. As an after school snack, a side dish, appetizer or entrée, Rösti is approachable by all and is a culinary adventure in 3 bites.”


Based in Portland, Oregon, Swiss Rösti is a start-up company focused on marketing good-for-you products that satisfy consumers demand for convenient, great tasting and approachable foods that fit well with today’s busy active lifestyles.